Saturday, October 31, 2009

Delightful soup of noodles and vegetables


If we speak about soups the noodles and the vegetables are two of your classic ingredients. In this recipe we merge them and achieve how turned out a delightful soup to nourish the whole family. After doing it you can freeze it and take it in the moment that you want of the week. It will save you in more than one occasion.

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Delightful soup of noodles and vegetables

If we speak about soups the noodles and the vegetables are two of your classic ingredients. In this recipe we merge them and achieve how turned out a delightful soup to nourish the whole family. After doing it you can freeze it and take it in the moment that you want of the week. It will save you in more than one occasion.

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Delightful soup of noodles and vegetables


If we speak about soups the noodles and the vegetables are two of your classic ingredients. In this recipe we merge them and achieve how turned out a delightful soup to nourish the whole family. After doing it you can freeze it and take it in the moment that you want of the week. It will save you in more than one occasion.

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Soup of turkey and noodles


This tasty and warm soup only needs 35 minutes of your weather and it is guaranteed, we put the signature in The Big Chef, to which your plate will be preferred to confront the low temperatures. It is processed as a simple soup of turkey and noodles that it will give you calorcito in the winter.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Rice omelette


If the heat has you oppressed, to eat of more or very heavy plates will not be a good idea, they will only do that you feel worse than already this. But that does not mean that you should remain without eating. It tries with this delightful, healthy and really light rice omelette.

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Simple seafood millefeuilles


I do not know why the whole world associates the seafood with the complicated recipes … prejudices Basting, gentlemen there are nothing better than to start working and palates to point to deny these old myths. The millefeuille of seafood that we teach them to prepare today not only is very rich but it is very easy.

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What is a Latte?


Perhaps there happens to them the same that to me. Perhaps not, but it can be. I do not distinguish very well certain differences in the thread of the coffee. For example …: What is a Latte? And it is not that it has not taken anyone … the fact is that simply I do not receive the real difference between a Latte, a capucchino or other varieties of coffee.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coffee Prima donna Network Bugatti


This coffee pot merges style and efficiency. Just what we want those that we enjoy the design and a good coffee.

The coffee PRIMA DONNA express includes a powerful batter bomb, with 15 different options to add the milk and to do cappuccinos or lattes.

Also, this beautiful coffee pot expires with the following features:

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Simple shellfish millefeuille


I do not know why the whole world associates the seafood with the complicated recipes … prejudices Basting gentlemen there are nothing better than to start working and palates to point to deny these old myths. The millefeuille of shellfish that we teach them to prepare today not only is very rich but it is very easy.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Batter of papaya and ginger


The papaya has many names the length and breadth of the world, and although of Central American origin, nowadays it is possible to obtain it in all the corners of the world. Clearly it is not a fruit of the most common thing, but the certain thing the fact is that it has fabulous properties in addition to a delightful flavor. Prove it in this batter of papaya and ginger.

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Bread box armadillo


The bread box in the shape of armadillo is attractive. It is one of these kitchen tools that conquer us for your nice appearance. After all, even the bread deserves a little of design.

It is done in brushed aluminum and opens such which armor to him. Also it takes wood and plastic. Your dimensions are ideal for the kitchen: 44 x 28 x 30 cm.

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Beaten anti-age


When the nutricionistas speak about meal anti-age to what they refer is to the food to which they help to prepare the aging. What means this? That help to prepare conditions as the osteoporosis, the inflammation and the cancer. The berries and the green tea are antirust fortresses. Add them to your diet with this delightful batter.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cake frozen of chocolate and sweet of milk


It has happened to all one day of being calm at home and that unexpected visits come. So, the dinner is not the problem, it always occurs to us that to do, but: and the dessert? So, for these occasions, we bring to you this cake chocolate ice cream and sweet of milk. In less half an hour it will be ready to enjoy and to surprise your guests.

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Clams in green sauce


The clams are perfect to be in our table during the whole year. They have a big quantity of good font of potassium and iron. The best thing of everything is that they are delightful! Do not get lost of accompanying them on this spectacular green sauce.

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Healthy banana batter and yogurt


To begin the day with all the energy does not happen for drinking a coffee. Undoubtedly he helps you to wake up and the fortitude raises you but the true thing is that there are better options. For your next breakfast it tries with this banana batter and yogurt with protein, potassium, calcium, fibre and omega 3. Delightful and very healthy.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Rice miniomelettes


If you are planning a meeting with friends and friends you cannot forget two things: on the one hand, the drinks, and for other, of the aperitifs. The morsels invite to the chat and to enjoy the company and that's why, today we tell you how to prepare these rice miniomelettes.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good Gâteau anger


The city of Buenos Aires is the capital of the Republic Argentina. I assume that that they already knew it. It is the political and social center of the country. There it happens of everything, every day and at every hour. Between thing and thing that happens, occasionally someone might prepare a cake. And perhaps …: why not? good gâteau anger. A recipe of recetas.elarchivon, which I do not have does not even design why it is called good airs. But this way it is called.

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Cherry Ratoncitos


The cherries covered in chocolate are entertained, rich and nice. And that makes them simply exciting: they are viewed well, know well and give desire of eating them up to the infinite. What do we need to prepare this richest and inevitable aperitif? Well, let's view step after step of the hand of homecooking.about.

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Almond Gâteau and hazel


The almonds and the hazelnuts know well. They know separately well, know together well, know well alone and know well accompanied. And it do not even imagine it fantastic that know in this cake: Gâteau of almonds and hazelnuts of recetas.elarchivon. A holiday for the palate!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ice cream in a flowerpot?


If we speak about original ways of serving the plates here we have a good example: an ice cream presented inside a flowerpot with flowers. It sounds rarely: no? Scarcely I found the idea could not allow presenting it here. More bearing in mind that in this side of the world we begin the spring. A perfect epoch to carry out this idea! You will see that it is really simple of doing and will manage to impress all your guests. I assure it to you!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Recipe of donuts of anchovy

anchovy donuts

In ElGranChef we have a long list of recipes of donuts. To extend it even more and to offer you more options we teach you to prepare these anchovy donuts. A really usable alternative for all the lovers of this fish.

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Gâteau low in calories


Do they remember that we already tell them it what does it mean gâteau? Well, all right … I refresh them the memory: gâteau it means cake in French. And as they will know already, if there are pastries low in calories, also there has to be gâteaus low in calories. To demonstrate it, is here a recetas.elarchivon recipe:

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"False" dessert Prince Humberto


Prince Humberto ”, this way is called a dessert and an Uruguayan company. The recipe is simple: sweet of milk, double cream, ground cooky, meringue and practically nothing more. Nevertheless, the flavor is delightful and much known by the Uruguayans.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gâteau reigns of saba


The name of the queen of Saba was Makeda (although also Bilqis or Balkis were saying to him, Nikaule or Nicaula), and it was she who was an important girl. They name it in the books “Kings and Chronicles” of Bible, in the Koran and in the history of Ethiopia.

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Peach to the stove with cream


So much how to be light when the high temperatures make feel or when you want to take care a bit of the figure the fruit, light, nourishing and healthy, it is always the perfect dessert. The fruit is very varied and versatile and to demonstrate it to you today we prepare peach to the stove with cream.

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Fat sponge cake


Very few are those who take the snack as a real meal of the day and the true thing is that that is badly. It is necessary to do all the meals not to spend long weather without consuming anything. This way you prevent in the most "important" meals as the lunch and the dinner from eating of more. It proves this fat sponge cake, I make sure you that the snack will be converted into your favorite meal of the day.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Melon salad and prosciutto with cheese


Would you like proving a new aperitif? I propose to you to try to prepare this coloring aperitif: melon salad and prosciutto with cheese. You will manage to merge the whole sweetness of the melons contrasting with the spectacular flavor of the cheese and of the prosciutto.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Purée of chick-peas and anchovies


When we search meals that could be prepared in rapid form we always end up by cooking the same options. Therefore, our diet is diminishing in an unnecessary way. There exist many options that you can consider at the time of cooking rapidly. For example this practical purée of chick-peas and anchovies. You must only stop dipping a pair of chick-peas and to another day you will be prompt to cook.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Rice with fruit you dry and mushrooms


If you want to add new flavors to him to the rice of every day simply you have to add an extra pair of ingredients. We advise you to add to him dates, plums, you go on from grapes and almonds. It is a really simple recipe and with one the only flavor. Prove it: rice with dried fruits and mushrooms. You will love insurance.

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Refreshing salad of orange and lemon


Do you consume celery during the week? So, he remembers that with only 20 calories for every 100 grams, this food turns out to be ideal for those who want to lose weight, as well as to fight against the problems of retention of liquids. Add it to your diet with this light salad of orange and lemon.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

You trumpet of chocolate and fat of peanut


These you trumpet of chocolate and peanut fat there will be the perdition of big and small. There is nothing like a sweet morsel to make an ugly rainy evening happy, or simply to satisfy this strong midnight whim. So, these you trumpet they are perfect always to have to hand.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Practical Greek skewers

brochetes Greeks

Do you want to prove new flavors? What seems to you if we prepare a few typical brochetes of the Greek kitchen? They are simple to do, really fresh airs and practices to eat. Ideals to invite to the visits if we want to leave a fantastic printout to them.

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Crudités macerated in salt water


Have you been on diet to download these kilitos of more before the holidays come? On time good! Any excuse to begin to regulate you eat it and to choose for menúes healthier and healthy. But do not forbid yourself to eat rich things. It tries with the crudités macerated in salt water of today. You will love.

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Honey ice cream


When the high temperatures come the heavy and over-sweet desserts usually go on to a background. The ice creams, nourishing and refreshing ones, are always perfect for the summer and today we tell you how to prepare the very original one: honey ice cream.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Quail Muslitos in muscatel sauce


After hundreds and hundreds of simple recipes that we bring to you every day it is a weather to happen at the following level. However much you are not an expert cook goals appear and one is undoubtedly a good idea, and that's why today we bring to you an a bit more complicated plate: muslitos of quail in muscatel sauce to put yourself to the test.

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Recipe of bread of soya

soya bread

The home-made bread is the best bread of all: truth? This is one of the reasons for which today I want to present to you this recipe of bread of soya. If you want to accompany your next coffee on a warm home-made bread I recommend to you to try it. It will not have waste!

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Chicken salad with honey


When the high temperatures come our diet he suffers some changes. And the fact is that nobody plans to eat a stew when out there are 35 grades: truth? Skylight that not, quite we prefer to be light and fresh. That's why, today a very summer recipe: chicken salad with honey.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Corkscrews with carbonara of prawns


If I still have not made it well clear to you, the pasta is something that you cannot allow bearing in mind. They are in varied forms, colors and flavors, and the best thing of everything is that we can merge them of thousand different forms. Undoubtedly, a versatile plate to enjoy. Today we prepare corkscrews with carbonara of prawns. A real and simple delight.

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Perfect pancakes with ricota and honey


It is important that you feed well to the morning before exiting of house. That's why I will keep on giving you more ideas so that you convert your breakfast into one of the best moments of the day. Another day was presenting a few delightful waffles to you and today we go with a few incredible paqueques with ricota and honey. What seems to you?

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fresh salad of rúcula, pear and cheese

salad - de-rucula-con-peras-asadas.jpeg

With rúcula I love the salads. This is a vegetable appreciated by your properties, between which the digestive ones and the aphrodisiac ones stand out. Every time it is used by more frequency in the world of the kitchen. So if you also want to enjoy all the flavor of the rúcula prepare this salad. The pears and the cheese will be other protagonists. It is a different and refreshing plate. One of the best options if we speak about salads!

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Muffins salted for the evening


Although the sweet thing has a very particular delight, the true thing is that the salty morsels never come badly. Perhaps to accompany the mate of the evening or to accompany a rich drink, these salty muffins are perfect. They are very simple of preparing and really rapid.

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Apples to coated with caramel to the wine


I imagine that they all will have noticed that when we speak about tidbits all they think that is processed as some infantile recipe … Since, this time not. We are going to prepare tidbits only for major and the fact is that apples to coated with caramel to the wine are processed as one. They are very simple and I assure to you that truly delightful.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recipe of cake of coffee and beer


This coffee cake is delightful. It is soft and there goes filling of nuts and dates. A delight! Ideal to surprise your friends at the time of the tea, with a cake to the homecooking.about German. And if not … it leaves the tea aside, and arm with beers. Why not?

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Blue Pope or Purple majestic

Do the blue potato or Purple majestic know? I knew it newly … Newly, newly, at the time of the lunch. I went to the market, searched potatoes with the look and there they were: there were popes, but blue. Rare what! No?

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Bruselas rechicks with vinaigrette of lemon and nut

Do you want to accompany your exercises routine on a light and healthy meal? It prepares these bruselas rechicks in a pair of minutes. The vinaigrette of lemon and nut will give him a different flavor that will catch you. It is a fast and beneficial food for your health. You should not allow doing it.

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Figs with creaking of bacon and almonds


If you are preparing an important celebration or a birthday can never forget the morsels. The aperitifs are perfect to cheat the stomach and the best thing is that the messmates can make use alone. Today we tell you how to realize a few novel figs with creaking of bacon and almonds.

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Chocolate Gâteau


If about Gâteau we speak, we cannot forget the favorite flavor of many: the chocolate. The people die for the chocolate, are touched up to the marrow when it views it in abundance. Because the chocolate buys for the eyes, he buys for the palate and buys for the smell. And with so many buy, with so much delight, this recipe could not be missing: gâteau of recetasmicocina chocolate

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hot Dogs for the world


The American hot dogs have become very popular. Of that there are no doubts. Your flavor has spread over the entire world and we eat many to him some time.

In Russia, for example, they are known as sosiska and the sales have shot of 122.000 dollars in 1992 at more than $ 70 million dollars in 1996.

But skylight, the Russians have your personal tastes: they prefer the most piquant hot dogs. For it, the hot dogs that are exported to Russia usually contain much more garlic of the normal thing.

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Gâteau Basque


It is not the first time that we speak of gâteau in ElGranchef. In fact, we have shared a few recipes. But … since you will know, in the life it is never sufficient. Something more always stays for adding, buying, being big enough, releasing, using or destroying. Or in this case … slightly more for learning and to prepare. Do they cheer up? Let's cook a rich cookbook - kitchen Gâteau Basque.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Spectacular waffles for the breakfast


Waffles! What better breakfast can exist that that one? In this opportunity we will do a few spectacular waffles that will be the result of a miscellany of different flours. The only thing that you must do is to worry you for finding a good cream, sweet or sauce to accompany them. It will be the best way of booting the day!

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Irresistible chocolate brownies with caramel


Really I do not know how to say it to them delightful that is the recipe of today … very well, in fact is not necessary to say or explain anything, with alone glance the image remains quite above mentioned. These chocolate brownies with center of caramel are going to be your perdition perdition, and the best thing is that they are very simple of preparing.

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Original stuffed conches


No, do not make a mistake, we are not going to prepare these sticky and driveling bichitos what we prepare today it is simply a pasta. Very well, in fact simple that thing about is only one to say since these stuffed conches are really delightful and extremely original. Perfect to surprise the whole family.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stuffed eggs with tuna cream


Nowadays we all live to the bullfights and with the weather more that I joust, and it is logical that we fall down in the temptation of asking for a rapid pizza by phone but of doing it every day undoubtedly it is not healthy at all. The next time that only you have a few minutes to cook test with these stuffed eggs with tuna cream.

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