Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Safe cupcakes of chocolate and marshmallows


Oh, yes. When you need to increase yes or yes your sugar levels you will not be able to do anything better than to remember this recipe: chocolate cupcakes and marshmallows. With a list of delightful ingredients for themselves …: imagine what will be the final score! Me pay attention and do not get lost this marvel of the confectionery.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Recipe of Italian sandwich


One of these wonderful recipes of preparing when we are very hungry and few desire of cooking. This is exactly the marvel of every sándwich. Simply he buys the ingredients and arms this delightful Italian sándwich, then he is useful to eat where you feel more comfortable.
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Delightful chocolate omelette refills of ice cream


If there is something that in ElGranChef they fascinate to us there are the desserts, especially those that have the word “chocolate“ in the list of ingredients. That's why I did not hesitate to present to them this delightful stuffed omelette of chocolate of ice cream. And the ice cream is always a good option, both in winter and in summer.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Recipe of Stretcher

stretcher recipe

In this opportunity let's prepare a specialty of the house of the Peruvian meal: the stretcher. If you are interested in knowing plates of the international kitchen: try with this recipe! It enters to a world of new flavors of the hand of Yanuq and insurance you will not regret having tried it.

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Chocolate mousse Sándwiches and orange


This followed enough happens to me: whims come to me of eating some sweet but in my ice-cream maker I do not find anything that fulfills my expectations. For these moments nothing better to prepare a few sándwiches with mousse of chocolate and orange. You will not find anything more rapid and delightful of savouring. Verify it for yourself!.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Venezuelan Hot dogs


We have already known enough hot dogs recipes, but none so delightful as these Venezuelan hot dogs. This is a well simple and rapid recipe of preparing, and of insurance you can invite your friends so that they enjoy it with you. Do not get lost it!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Recipe of brownies of mint

brownies of mint

If you have already prepared all the recipes of brownies that you found you will have to add the following one your list: brownies of mint. It is a spectacular variant that will allow you to obtain a different and refreshing flavor. If you are a lover of the already classic and always delightful brownies, you should not get lost this one step by step.

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Special plums cake

plum cake

Pastries! They are inevitable to complete a good snack, to share with friends or to surprise our family at the time of the dessert. If you like integrating the fruits in your preparations he is useful to cook this special plum cake. A delightful preparation that will turn into one of your favorite recipes.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Polenta to the stove with spinach beet and cheese


Do you want to know a good plate for the winter? Without doubts, the polenta combination to the stove with spinach beet and cheese it is. If you want to be supported warm during the coldest epochs do bear in mind. It is ideal if it is a question of feeding our family of a nourishing and economic form.

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Tenderloin recipe to the pizzaiola


Tired of eating the same day by day? If you are thinking to break a little the routine and to be a pleasure for you prove with this tenderloin recipe the pizzaiola. It is a select plate that insurance will turn your next dinner in a moment of pure pleasure for your palate.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Delightful bars of chocolate and cream cheese

I have just discovered this recipe and insurance that I will do it at home: it is too tantalizing! It is a question of a few delightful bars of chocolate and cream cheese. The best thing of everything is that not only it turns out to be really exquisite but also it is extremely simple to prepare. Verify it yourself!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pancakes with jam

pancakes with jam

What seems to you if tomorrow you surprise your couple preparing a good breakfast for him? It can be a good idea: truth? Since we already know very well the pancakes there are a delight that we must prepare occasionally. In this case we will do a few pancakes with jam. It makes the most of this opportunity and leaves your pleased dear beings.

Other options to be considered: pancakes of banana and pancakes of streaky bacon.

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Recipe of ceviche of chicken

chicken ceviche

Another day we knew the tuna ceviche recipe. Now we go with another variant: the chicken ceviche. If this is one of your favorite meats you will love to prove this plate. Were you looking for new ideas for your next dinner? Here you have! The best way of delighting your family.

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You prescribe for the day of the lovers

You prescribe for the day of San Valentín

If you look for recipes for the day of the lovers this one delicate with form of heart you will love dessert. It will be a perfect way of surprising your couple on this so special day. Do not worry if you are not an expert in the kitchen. We give to you step by step so that you could achieve excellent results.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Recipe of escones of bilberries


Nothing better than to get up to the morning and to enjoy a delightful breakfast with escones, especially if they are well warm. Today we will see a new recipe of escones of bilberries, which do that our morning it has more flavor and as it seems, they improve our memória.

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Tomatoes roasted with cheese cotija and cilantro:

roast tomatoes

In the place ForTheLoveOfCooking I have found a really simple and tasty recipe: tomatoes roasted with cheese cotija and cilantro. If you are lover of the tomatoes you will understand that this is a perfect combination and will not stop preparing it for your next meal.

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How to prepare warm chocolate

warm chocolate

How many times in your life had you taken a warm chocolate and you have not done it? Insurance that many! For these moments that are done yes or yes there takes a cup of this one delightful drunk here we leave the recipe to you. It is simple and extremely comforting. Learn how to prepare warm chocolate as soon as possible! Insurance will be worth while.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Sushi of butter of peanut and jelly


This is one of these ideas that save you when you wish desperately a rapid dessert and do not want or cannot go out of house. You can run to your larder and with three simple ingredients prepare for you this magnificent sushi of butter of peanut and jelly.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gelatine in colors layers

colors gelatine

The smallest of the house are crazy for the gelatine: truth? That's why I propose to you to surprise them preparing this fantastic recipe: a really entertaining gelatine in colors layers. It is economic, simple of doing and it will leave your pleased boys. I assure it to you!

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Sándwiches of smoked salmon and cucumber


The sándwiches can come to save us in the worst moments. They are really rapid and simple to prepare. Today I present to you the recipe of sándwiches of smoked salmon and cucumber. Also, they will be able to turn into an ideal alternative to consider like apertivo. Safety pins!

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How to do apple donuts

apple donuts

If you are a lover of the donuts do not hesitate to prove these exquisite apple donuts. They are special to cook during one evening at home and to taste while we see some good movie. Invite your friends and cook for them! It is a simple recipe that insurance will have excellent results.

If you want to know more donuts recipes click here.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Recipe of hummus of garlic

hummus of garlic

The hummus is one of the most popular plates of the Middle East. Previously we teach you the classic recipe of this preparation. In this case we are going to prove other one of his delightful alternatives: the garlic hummus. After that you have the ready ingredients your procesadora will take charge of the rest. Cheer up to try it on!

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Macaroons with cheese to the Neapolitan


The macaroons with cheese always know very well, and there are an excellent option that it fascinates so much to big as to children. So that you could change a little your pasta recipes, today we will see step by step to prepare these delightful macaroons with cheese for the Neapolitan; one of the best Italian flavors.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cake of San Valentín


So that you could surprise to your love in this San Valentín, today we will see this magnificent cake of San Valentín, and you will learn the simple steps to learn how to do a cake with form of heart. It is very easy to do, and you will be able to do to him all the decorations that you wish, adding your personal touch.

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Ice creams of yogurt and red fruits

ice cream of yogurt and red fruits

You must know it so well how I: in full summer there is nothing better than a refreshing ice cream. If you like experimenting on the kitchen it makes the most of the opportunity to prepare your own ice creams. You will surprise the simple thing that is! He invites your friends and enjoys these ice creams of yogurt and red fruits.

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Soup cremates of fungi with toasts of blue cheese


This is a truly special recipe that you should not waste: creamy fungi soup with toasts of blue cheese. A soup cremates it is a pleasure that one owes to give himself occasionally (more if it is of mushrooms!). Also, to accompany the soup the toasts are inevitable. Not that to speak if they are covered of blue cheese. He learns what you have to do to take a plate as this one on your table.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

How to do milk whey


The milk whey is a quite popular ingredient, and we have already seen it in several of the ElGranChef recipes; a few days ago we were publishing a delightful lemon cake recipe with glaze and one of the readers asked us where to obtain this fundamental ingredient, and in answer to the question of Pinky, today we will see how to do home-made milk whey, so that they do not have to run to the market with the recipes that have this item.

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Egg to the stove with cream and grasses

Is your ice-cream maker almost empty and you need to improvise a lunch? What seems to you to cook eggs to the stove with cream and grasses? A practical and rapid super plate that will save you in more than one trouble. Accompany it on toast and I list … you do not need anything more to have a spectacular lunch.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

How to do a chocolate bar

chocolate bar

We already know it: the chocolate is usually irresistible and that's why there is nothing better than to know a recipe to prepare at home the tastiest chocolate bars. We will add dried fruits to him as hazel, nuts and almonds. Also other fruits as grapes you happen, bilberries and cherries. Impossible not to prepare it: is not it true?.

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Applesauce recipe


The classic recipes it go so far as to be for some reason. The applesauce is one of them. It is a nourishing, tasty dessert and without any type of complications at the time of cooking. Simpler, impossible. Let's know the recipe.

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Tuna ceviche recipe

tuna ceviche

The ceviche is the name of diverse plates by means of fish or fresh seafood and diverse dressings. Today in the GranChef we present the tuna ceviche recipe to you. An advisable plate to learn and to share with all our family.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to prepare cinnamon toasts


Nothing better than to start the day with a good breakfast. Nevertheless, sometimes the hurries and the indolence of the morning limits us at the time of preparing a good plate. Here I leave a suggestion to you to fight this: if you want to give him a touch different from the toasts of every day do prove these toasts with cinnamon. They are really simple of preparing (you will have them prompt in a few minutes!) and very, very rich.

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Recipe of bread Puri


A food come straight from Asia, the puri is one of the varieties of bread, and he boils away fundamentally in the north of the India. It is much used in the vegetarian meals, it put that is used to consume food that are too small as to eat them with the hands. If you want to penetrate into the Asian meal, do not get lost this recipe of bread Puri.

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Rice with lime and cilantro

rice with lime and cilantro

The rice is a basic food that offers us a possibilities world at the time of preparing it. The important thing is to have several recipes in mind this way to be able to change and experiment with new flavors. In this case we go with a really simple recipe: rice with lime and cilantro. A new flavor with the ingredients of every day.

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Balls of cake of red velvet chocolate covering


Are you looking for new excuses to delight your palate? Then you cannot get lost these balls of cake of red velvet chocolate covering. They turn out to be extremely tantalizing: truth? It is not necessary that you remain with the desire. You can prepare them at home and surprise your relatives and friends with them. You prepare yourself to cook!

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Jambalaya of scampi and sausage


Does an important dinner come closer? Will you receive visits at home and you have no idea of what cooking for the occasion? The today plate is really tasty and it will be able to be the best way of astonishing your messmates: jambalaya of scampi and sausage. Let's know what ingredients we need.

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Recipe of Chunchulla fixed, created by Juan Carlos


In ElGranChef we have seen of all kinds of recipes, from the most daily to the most exotic. The case of the one that Juan Carlos Gutierrez Lopez shares today with us is rather of the last ones; a typical very curious plate of Colombia, but in a recipe that he created: Fixed Chunchulla.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Coconut cookies with strawberry ice cream


A surprising recipe, and that leaves us with desire only of seeing the photo. Yesterday, when I came across with this recipe, I turned out to be astonished by something so simple like the cookies at coconut with strawberry ice cream, but the flavor is wonderful. If they turned out to be so touched like me for these photos, they do not stop seeing this recipe, very simple and super advisable for a gustito to the evening.

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Salad of bilberries and corn


For this side of the world we enjoy of the summer. That inclines us naturally towards more light and fresh plates. Nevertheless, sometimes it is made difficult to find fresh and nourishing options to cook every day. That's why, and of the SevenSpoons hand I propose to you to cook a salad of bilberries and corn. It will be a perfect way of feeding all your family.

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Mussels recipe with mayonnaise sauce


To eat seafood is a whim that I have for days. Fortunately there exist tens ways of preparing them, all really tasty ones. In this case I present the recipe to you to prepare a few spectacular mussels with mayonnaise sauce. Without doubts, a plate that deserves to be as soon as possible on our table.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sweet gherkins sauce


It does a time we saw the recipe of home-loving Big Mac and we all enjoyed this marvel of the fast food in our house, but Rose has paid my attention on having wondered for the sweet sauce, and where he could buy it. To solve this detail, today we will see the recipe of the sweet sauce of gherkins, so that they prepare all at home and use it in all his recipes, especially in that of home-loving Big Mac.

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Recipe of Arab yogurt

The lovers of the Arab meal know that the yogurt is one of the ingredients it covers with stars in many plates, as well as also they know that he adds a special flavor to the meal. So that you could prepare your own yogurt and use it in the Arab kitchen, I present this recipe of Arab yogurt to you.

Of course, before beginning, I tell you that you can prepare it with whole milk or skimmed, but that it will remain firmer if you do it with whole milk.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chocolate salami

One of the best recipes that I learned in my infancy; not only for his delightful flavor, but also for his simplicity. All the children like playing in the kitchen and learning to create delights, that's why if you wish you your to sin learn more on the marvels of the culinary one, or if simply you want to do a rapid and simple dessert, he learns how to do chocolate salami and you will see rich what is.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Recipe of pudding of carrots

Do you want to make use of the carrots of your ice-cream maker? To prepare a pudding with them would seem to be one of the best options. We will accompany it on a broccoli sauce, which will give like turned out a spectacular plate that you will be able to enjoy peacefully in your hearth. Nourishing and home-made: what better than that?

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Recipe of Californian pizza of chicken

The pizza straight lines can never be missing in our cookbooks. It is good to know different types of pizza, since this way we can surprise all with new flavors. Today we will learn a delightful recipe of Californian pizza of chicken, which has all the flavor of the sauce barbecue, combined with the chicken and the cheese. You cannot get lost it!

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Creamy Dip of artichokes and spinach

The dips are a delightful and practical alternative to integrate in our aperitifs. In this case we will prepare a creamy dip of artichokes and spinach. It is really healthy. Accompany it on cookies or toast: and to enjoy our meal!

(I resided …)

How to do mint syrup

If you want to experiment on the kitchen I have an excellent proposal to you: to prepare mint syrup. It is a preparation to which probably you are not accustomed but that it will be ideal at the time of accompanying certain desserts. Do prove new flavors and it tries with this syrup. It is truly simple! (I resided …)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cake of jelly and butter of peanut

I like to discover simple and delightful recipes, because this way we can to enjoy the rich flavors of the world without needing many skill in the kitchen. If you want to eat a cake with innovative flavor, do prove this cake of jelly and peanut butter, that of insurance you still had not thought of doing this combination.

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Recipe of quiche of streaky bacon

Today we will enter to the world of the French kitchen, to take delight again with his magic flavors that delight all. The French recipes have big success along the world, and the quiche is without doubts one of the favorites. We will prepare this delightful recipe of quiche of streaky bacon, which joining is derived from the pig with the cream and the cheese has been gained diverse fans.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Recipe of cheesecake of raspberries

If you like the Cheesecake you cannot get lost this delightful alternative: a raspberries cheesecake. A combination of sweet and acidic flavors that will turn it into a perfect dessert. Will you receive visits at home this weekend? Do you want to be a pleasure for yourself and do not decide with what? This is an accessible super recipe that you should not allow proving.

(I resided …)

Cookies of cardamom and pistachio nuts

What better than to learn a delightful cookies recipe? Since in this case we will leave aside the recipes of sweet cookies and will happen to see how to prepare a few cookies of cardamom and pistachio nuts, which will make you happy the evening.

(I resided …)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuna sauce recipe

The sauces are a perfect accompaniment for many of our meals, there are a detail that adds a different flavor (and they do not imply big complications at the time of cooking). In this case we present the tuna sauce recipe to you. You will discover that it is really simple and, without doubts, it deigns of trying.

(I resided …)

Delightful cheesecake with fruits

Nothing better than to begin on the first Monday of the year savouring a delightful cake, and: what better than a cheesecake with fruits?

Since it is a delightful way of changing the cheesecake recipes, since the fruits and the well-worn cream will give him a new touch that from insurance will receive applauses on the part of the one who is glad of savouring this cake. Do prove it, since the best thing here the simplicity of the recipe is.

(I resided …)

Recipe of soufflé of carrot

Again we go with a recipe of the soufflé, more specially with the recipe of the soufflé of carrot. Delightful! Do not think any more about ideas for your next meal. This is the best option. Do not also worry thinking that it will imply a big work. It is a really simple plate …

(I resided …)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Recipe of creme caramel of coconut

To me to understand the creme caramel is a really irresistible dessert. Or are they going to say to me that the top image does not turn out to be really tantalizing? If these in agreement with me what comes next you will love: we will learn to prepare a spectacular coconut creme caramel. Insurance will turn out to be to you a perfect idea if you are lover of the sweets!

(I resided …)

Recipe of roast potatoes

Do you like the potatoes? I love. In fact, the warm potatoes can be one of the best options for the winter. If you agree with me do read the recipe of roast potatoes. You can try with a spices quantity and this way give him the flavor that more you like.

(I resided …)

It prescribes for vegetarians: ñoquis with spinach and peas

The vegetarians should not get lost of knowing the big flavors of the kitchen (and it is sure that they do not do it!). That's why today prepararmos it prescribes one especially for them: ñoquis with spinach and peas. Simply delightful.

(I resided …)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to prepare fried ravioli

Yesterday the same we saw like preparing a few delightful mashed avocado inlets, and the today recipe will turn concerning the same topic: to prepare something delightful to receive our friends at home.

We always see recipes to prepare sauces that they accompany to the boiled ravioli, and few persons notice that the ravioli if the same sound a delight, that's why we break this idea and see how to prepare fried ravioli and entertaining your guests.

(I resided …)

How to do sweet pastries well rapidly

The sweet pastries are a delight, especially at the time of the dessert. And the truth is that not always we think in advance about the dessert, and frequently it ends up by being something of last hour.

With the target to prevent from ending up by buying ice cream when you want to eat something sweet (in the trouble we all buy ice cream), today we will see how you can do sweet pastries well rapidly, like that you will enjoy them without delays.

(I resided …)

Delightful lemon cream

Not any dessert needs a long preparation to be delightful. You already will see it! This tasty lemon cream can be prepared in only one pair of minutes. Then allow her to rest in the icebox and cover it with cream. If out you it would not allow to spend the opportunity to prepare such a simple and exquisite dessert. Perfect to enjoy in these holidays!

(I resided …)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Special drumsticks recipe

If the thighs are your favorite part of the chicken you will love this recipe. In this opportunity we will maximize all his flavor preparing it with English sauce and mustard. Do prove this special drumsticks recipe. You will surprise all your family with this delightful plate …: and without any class of complications in the kitchen!

(I resided …)

Lemon cake with glaze

How a delightful lemon cake recipe to savor on the same evening? You can accompany it on a coffee or a tea, being useful to invite your friends with this lemon cake that it fascinates only of seeing the photo (and I do not even tell you of his aroma!).

Only a few simple steps in the kitchen and you will have a rich cake to your favor.

(I resided …)

Delightful chicken Shish Kebab

The Kebab is without doubts one of the more popular recipes of Arab kitchen, and also one of the most delightful. We have already seen diverse options, but as it is always an ideal recipe to savor, today we will see how to prepare chicken Kebab, specially a shish Kebab (that comes in skewers ice lollies).

(I resided …)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rapid super recipe of Cookies, sent for melina

Today we are going to see one of these recipes that are prepared in 5 minutes but that turn out to be exquisite: the fact is that Melina sends to us a very practical advice for the snack, sharing with us a rapid super recipe: Cookies Maria with peanut fat covered with grated coconut. They are very easy to prepare and an insurance that you will love.

(I resided …)

Cheese cookies with bran

Nothing better than to have to hand a few cookies to sting during the evening: truth? For that it is not necessary that you spend money in the super one. You can cook a few special cheese cookies yourself with bran. Cheer up to prepare them for yourself! The result will be spectacular.

(I resided …)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mashed avocado inlets


The year is coming to his end and we all are hastily for seeing our friends before January comes, that's why nothing better that to have to hand a delightful recipe of inlets of mashed avocado, this way when they come to house we will be able to receive them with something rich. These inlets are well simple to prepare, as which you will not have excuses!

(I resided …)

Friday, February 19, 2010

You prescribe for the New Year's Eve dinner

You prescribe for the New Year's Eve dinner

One of the recipes for the dinner of New Year's Eve that more attracts me is that of fondue of cheese. What seems to you to taste a plate as this one while we wait for the beginning of the new year? It is a truly tasty preparation that converirá in the delight of all your family. Me pay attention and you will see that you will have the insured success.

(I resided …)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

You design for the dinner of end of year

You design for the dinner of end of year

The Christmas dinner has already happened but we will not give yet to him rest to our palate. Now there approaches other of the most festive days: the New Year! This night it is characterized by big celebrations about the world and nothing better than to make use of this moment to share with relatives and friends.

Nevertheless, we need big preparations so that everything goes out perfectly. Anyway: do not lose hope!. If you are the manager of cooking here we present a few spectacular ideas to you for the dinner of end of year. An insured way of surprising all your guests in this so memorable night.

(I resided …)

Consommé of red fruits with lemon ice cream and champagne


Occasionally it is necessary to delight us with a good dessert. Although the alternatives are so varied that sometimes we do not know for which decide insurance that this option takes all the points: consommé of red fruits with lemon ice cream and champagne. How is it prepared?, you will wonder. Here we you explain everything. A forced dessert!

(I resided …)

Brilliant bonbons of butter of peanut


If you want to improvise a delightful dessert, an obsequiousness or simply a whim, this recipe of bonbons of butter of peanut is ideal for you. It is a recipe so simple that you even can prepare it with be too the house, to that also it will go to fascinate them.

(I resided …)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to do cookies of the fortune


Whenever we are hostesses of some meal we must provide attention to our guests, and so that you could play with them at seeing what predicts the fortune, nothing better than to know how doing cookies of the fortune and to amuse itself to the big thing. The best thing is that the messages will be completely prepared by you, and that will do that your night is more entertaining.

(I resided …)

The inlets in Russia


To know the different meals of the world is always a good idea, because in every corner of the Earth the customs are completely different from our own ones, and this is something that even can happen inside our own country.

I am one of these persons those who always like proving new meals and knowing new customs to learn more on other societies, that's why at the moment when I saw these amazing photos of the different breakfasts aperitifs in Russia, I could not allow bringing them to ElGranChef.

For those lovers of the exotic meals, this will be a delight. Let's see a little of what they eat in Russia before every lunch, and that probably is very different from what some of us eat.

(I resided …)

How to prepare bars of dry fruits


Nothing better than to have to hand a good snack: truth? Especially during the long evenings when they come to us you win of stinging something. The today idea is to prepare a few bars of dry fruits: perfect for these occasions! Also they are super advisable to give to the boys like snack. They are very nourishing and energy. He learns to do them next.

(I resided …)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Traditional Christmas dinner


A traditional Christmas dinner is very beautiful, and it always comes accompanied from many plates and relatives. This can turn out to be somewhat uncomfortable when we are beginners in our role like hostesses of Christmas dinners, a small detail and our effort will turn out to be spotted.

So that you do not lose hope and show yourself as never, I have this simple but delightful recipe of meat roasted for the Christmas dinner, which will give water in the mouth to all your guests.

(I resided …)

Christmas typical meals

Christmas typical meals

In ElGranChef we give you a hand so that you do not complicate yourself in this Christmas. We assembled to you the recipes of the Christmas typical meals so that you surprise all your family in these holidays. Stuffed turkey, nougat of Soft nougat, sweet bread, cookies of Ginger are only some of all the options that you will think in this brief revision for the meals that they cannot be missing on this so special day.

(I resided …)

Easy recipes of Christmas

Easy Christmas recipes

If you are looking for easy Christmas recipes I can propose to you to prepare for this so special day a turkey roasted with glazed of apples. It sounds really well and your family will stay more than satisfied with this plate. A prepared typically Christmas meal of a very simple way.

(I resided …)