Monday, November 30, 2009

Delightful cake of cabbage and bacon


To have lunch, to have dinner, to lead to the work, for a day of pic nic … East cake of cabbage and bacon can look like the very complicated but the true thing the fact is that it is everything opposite. Delightful and simple, joker will turn into your recipe for when you do not know with that to delight your family.

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Cooks' Bloopers


The cooks of the TV turn out to be very elegant. All his steps are subtle, harmonious and divine. They always make everything clean and use nice china. All the ingredients turn out to be adorable in the table. There are never milk bags either out of place, dirty silverware, or spread flour. Nevertheless … also the cooks of the TV are wrong.

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Corn bread


If about simple recipes we speak, perfectly we can speak about this one: the corn bread. This chefscatalog recipe is simple, easy and rapid. Also, it is very versatile. We can eat it alone, adapt it like rellpastel, eno of one or of what is.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

To eat a hamburger sensualmente?


Think rapidly: what meal would they avoid in the first appointment? Already! Which has his answer been? I thought “hamburger“: you also?. There are other inopportune plates for the first appointment, but let's agree that the hamburgers are one of them. It seemed impossible to eat them elegantly, sexy and in entire composure.

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How to do rice with saffron


As well as the rice is one of the basic ingredients of a big plates quantity the saffron-colored rice is an outstanding figure who should be able to prepare the whole world. Do you have the recipe clear? What seems to you to taste you with her on the same night? He revises the recipe right now: and to cook!.

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Cake of Madeira with cooked tangerines


Not long ago we had seen the recipe of the cake of Madeira. This time we pass pass and we use it to prepare a delightful plate. If you like you can do it for the dessert or even also like breakfast. We will accompany it to the cake on a few sweet cooked tangerines and on double cream.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tower of red fruits


The red fruits have become fashionable. I imagine that they have already noticed it … after all, everything comes with red fruits nowadays. And apart from the fashion, they come very well. He is worth while making use of the vitamins, mineral and antirust that provide these fruits of the forest.

(I resided …)

Peas and fungi


How if we prepare a warm ensaladita? Do they like the fungi and the peas? If they have said yes, keep on reading this recipe. Insurance they goes to please. After all, it is a question of that: a warm salad of fungi and peas of allrecipes.

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The fruits of the forest


Do this exercise: cover the supermarket and vallan counting all the products that have fruits of the forest. Be going to be surprised! Lately everything has fruits of the forest. But do they know what is? Do they know that fruits are the fruits of the forest, exactly?

Well, all right … as wikipedia the fruits of the forest are small and eatable fruits, which traditionally were not cultivated but they were growing in wild form between the shrubs. In the medieval world the feudal gentleman was ordering to gather these fruits to the peasants, who were covering the forest in exchange for some pay.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Novel roast beef rolls with mustard


Did you believe impossibly to prepare home-made, rich plates balanced in only a moment? Skylight that not! This is not an impossible mission and to try it on today we tell you how to realize these novel and very pleasant roast beef rolls with mustard to eat at every hour.

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Chicken filets with fat to the grasses


Tired always of eating the chicken filets of the same way? Do not worry. Today we tell you how to prepare them with a soft and irresistible fat to the grasses. It is a perfect very simple and rapid recipe to surprise to the most demanding palates. And the best thing? Nobody has to find out that you spent less half an hour cooking.

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Broccoli to the Roman


Occasionally it happens to us that without realizing the hour ago of the lunch and, therefore, we do not have anything prepared. Our family waits for us but it does not happen to us what to cook. For the next one remember this recipe: broccoli to the Roman. More healthy, impossible.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Recipe of green pepper of language


Do come your in-laws to have been for dinner to house? Of course you will want to impress them and that's why you will be looking for a plate at a height of the occasion. Believe me: nothing better than to cook a language green pepper. It will take some time to you but without doubts it will be worth while. They all will remain pleased!

(I resided …)

Chicken filets to the Greek


If you prefer a light dinner to sleep better and of step to take care of the line, you cannot get lost these filets to the Greek. It is a question of a really simple and rapid recipe that there combines the healthiest of the tomato, the olives and the cheese with the soft and tender of the chicken. A real delight.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Salmon loins to the green pepper


Although every day we think about how to surprise them with recipe simple that you could prepare every day and extend your recipes collection, an elegant plate and a more complicated tantito never comes badly to raise the level: truth? So, cheer up with the salmon loins to the green pepper that we bring to you today.

(I resided …)

Calzone of ham, cheese and olives


Of much to speak about the calzone, came to me I take a fancy. And this whim is not of pregnancy, it is of nostalgia. It is for a long time that not like a calzone! How can I remedy it? Easy, preparing a good recipe.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Sándwiches with bilberries sauce


If you are tired of the same recipes day by day do not lose the opportunity to do a rupture in the routine and to prepare a more exotic plate. One of the possibilities is the one that I will explain to you next: sándwiches of turkey with bilberries sauce. Without doubts, a new experience for your palate.

(I resided …)

Chicken cake


I like very much the salty pastries. They have this touch to meal of hearth that so much surprised. But perhaps this is my thing … perhaps depend on what the mother of one was cooking. And in my case, occasionally, my mami was cooking salty pastries. Thinking about her I remembered one: the chicken cake.

(I resided …)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Asparagus to the vinaigrette


Do you have any asparagus left in the ice-cream maker and do not know that to do with them? I propose the following thing to you: cook them to the vinaigrette. It is a flavor that you should not allow proving. It will turn out to be really simple to you (you do not need to be a specialist in the culinary arts). Also it is extremely healthy and economic.

(I resided …)

The calzone (my giant pie)


I discovered the calzone long ago. It does so much time that gives me nostalgia. It was small, it was in the beach with my family and in the most nearby pizzeria they were selling it. I did not know well that I was, but I liked. And when he wanted to eat it he was asking for it to my form: "I want a giant pie”.

(I resided …)

Salad of carrot and bilberries with seasoning of fresh ginger


The salads are always a good option in the kitchen. And the fact is that not only you can do them of the most diverse tastes but you can serve them at every hour and so much like inlet, as the first plate or like garrison. So, today we tell you how to make one very fresh: salad of carrot and bilberries with seasoning of fresh ginger.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cheese small fruit tart with smoked cod


The small fruit tarts are always a good way of giving a more elegant touch to your most chance meals. You can do them of the flavors that more you like and it consists in you using the imagination. To taste, today we tell you how to prepare a cheese small fruit tart with smoked cod. Some different good to go out of the routine.

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Hake recipe with peas


Hake with peas: A not complicated at all and quite classic plate that it should not allow turning into one of your next meals. We already know that the fish is one of this food that must not be missing in our diet and that's why it is advisable to learn new ways of accompanying it. (I resided …)

Cooking Mama and to play with the meal


What so much do you like to cook? Do you like so much how for to play at cooking? If it is like that, you should meet Cooking Mama. It is a question of a video game that exactly, it is a kitchen pretender. And if you want, you even can play it in your Nintendo Wii.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Iron Chef America


Iron Chef America ”is a series of North American television, based on the old program Iron Chef of the Japanese television (Fuji Television). It is the North American adaptation, after the defeat of the first test: Iron Chef the USA. The show is produced by the North American channel of television Food Network, which also expresses a double version of the old man Iron Chef.

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Banana small fruit tarts caramelizada


Bored of the typical chocolate cake to finish your rich meals? It is enough. A good dessert is the final brooch of a meal prepared with very much love and dedication and that's why, it deserves more attention. Today we tell you how to realize a few sweet banana small fruit tarts caramelizada that you will not be able to resist.

(I resided …)

Chicken with mushrooms sauce


Have you worked the whole day and do you have still to prepare a rich dinner why just have come any relatives to visit you? Do not worry. Before these simple but very rich chicken breasts put theirs in a bad mood test preparing with mushrooms sauce. They all will remain satisfied in a few minutes.

(I resided …)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Frozen fruits dessert


A frozen fruits dessert with damasks, pineapple and cherries can be converted into a plate really irresitible. The station does not matter: do prepare it!. There is an explosive combination of fruits, marshmallows and cream that will do water to you the mouth.

(I resided …)

Chicken attacked in creamy sauce of mustard


The fact that you do not have a lot of experience in this of the kitchen it does not mean that you have to be content cooking white rice every day. Simply it is a question to cheer up, and to give you fortitude, today we tell you how there prepares easily this delightful chicken attacked in creamy sauce of mustard. (I resided …)

Simple cauliflower aperitifs


Have you prepared cauliflower and it has remained you? Do not worry, it happens to all. And the fact is that always at the time of cooking it is difficult to calculate the quantity with accuracy. But do not get rid of her: why not to convert it into a rich aperitif? Next we tell you how.

(I resided …)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cauliflower with coconut milk


Many do not like the cauliflower. I love and that's why I want to present a recipe to them so that they try in your houses: cauliflower with coconut milk. If you belong to those of which it does not attract them too much do prepare it. It is secure that you will learn to appreciate it. If on the other hand you are how I and you the cauliflower pleases I can make sure you that you will love this recipe.

(I resided …)

Recipe of creme caramel of nougat

Every time it is difficult to me not to dump me any more towards the sweet recipes and that's why this time we go again with a really exquisite dessert: nougat creme caramel. The creme caramel is one of my favorite desserts and insurance that also turns out to be tantalizing to you. If you want prepare it at home find out what ingredients you are going to need.

(I resided …)

Pancakes of corn and peanut


Bored of the routine? So, it tries in spite of preparing these delightful pancakes of corn and peanut. They are very simple and rapid of preparing but the whole innovation to the palate. It is a perfect recipe so much the tiniest of the house surprise to big as.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Squids with tomato and white rice


If you have had a long day full of tasks of course do not want to come to house and to complicate you with the outstanding figure: “What is to have dinner?”. So, do not do bad blood to yourself. It leaves the headaches for another moment and delights your family with these simple squids with tomato and white rice.

(I resided …)

Rapid chicken fajitas

To leave contentments to the boys, to enjoy during a solitary night to fill with caresses and whims or for an entertaining dinner with friends … These rapid fajitas of chicken and vegetables are perfect. They are very simple of preparing and skylight, as it says your name, they are very rapid.

(I resided …)

Pig chops with fennel and sauce of capers


Bored always of eating the pig chops of the same way? What seems to you to give them a new flavor adding fennel to them and accompanying them on a delightful capers sauce? He invites your friends this weekend and this plate makes use of the opportunity for preparles. (I resided …)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grilled prawns


Are you tired always of eating the same? Do you want to prepare a different meal? If you like the prawns and you have a broiler close do read next. You will not stop taking delight with these really delightful grilled prawns. They are perfect to cook when we have visits!

(I resided …)

Chicken with artichokes and hair of angel


Imagine this plate on your table. Not badly at all: no? It is secure that you would surprise more of one with this chicken with artichokes and hair of angel. But do you know that it is the best thing of everything? That knows truly delightfully and you do not have why to tell anybody the simple thing that is of preparing.

(I resided …)

Friday, November 13, 2009

The simplest strawberry cake


If you believe that to prepare a delightful strawberry cake can have something of complicated you are wrong. At least the recipe that presented you next is extremely simple. Do try it and I assure to you that sorprederás to all your friends and friends. After everything: does not it turn out to be really tantalizing?

(I resided …)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spinach cake and ricotta


East is an outstanding figure inside the world of the kitchen: spinach cake and ricotta. A meal really simple to prepare and very practical to eat. You can be useful to cook it during the weekend and this way you will have cake portions to enjoy for several days. He reads the recipe next.

(I resided …)

Handle Mousse


A mousse is a prepared culinary one of French origin, by means of egg white mounted to point snow, or well-worn cream, to obtain a spongy consistency. The handle is a fruit of beefy and semi-acidic pulp, of green, yellow or orange color. And the handle mouse …: Do they know what is? A delightful dessert. Do they cheer up to prepare it?

(I resided …)

Iron Chef: I hurt in the kitchen

Have they viewed the series of television called Iron Chef? I have seen it a pair of times, but I her have never managed to understand it in your measured joust. Possibly because I neither continue it, I do not even pay too much attention to the details. Nevertheless, this eccentric program of the Japanese television has always paid my attention. And today I propose to satisfy the intrigue.

(I resided …)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I air cheesecake


Insurance they know of you Pray. The whole world knows them! And even more, the whole world likes. Not to be for that girl for whom he was saying not to eat them, because they seemed burned, I never met anybody who should refuse to one.

(I resided …)

Chicken Alitas with sauce fair-haired sugar barbecue


What have you no weather? What cannot you cook? Already leave you of excuses. In the life they say that everything is to start and if you keep on avoiding the kitchen you will get lost of one of the prettiest things of the life. Cheer up with these rich and simple chicken alitas with sauce fair-haired sugar barbecue.

(I resided …)

Onion caramelizada


Are not you lover of the kitchen but nevertheless do you want to surprise anybody with your culinary talent? So, a pious mentirita does not kill anybody. It tries in spite of preparing this delightful onion caramelizada to use like garrison for plates of fish and meats, and also like the 'chic' ingredient for your aperitifs and inlets.

(I resided …)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tea to the orange with spices


One of the things that more I like is to prove different tea fonts. You already will know that there exist a wide variety and most of them with a big benefits quantity for our health. Also (and especially) they are really delightful. There is nothing better than a good tea after the meals so you do not stop proving this delightful tea to the orange with spices.

(I resided …)

Stew of chicken and almonds


This is recipes that I found in SavorySweetLife and that it seems to me that he was worth while sharing. It is one of these familiar preparations that once we prove them turn the favorite alternative of many eaten: stew of chicken and almonds. I recommend to you to prepare it to view what seems to you. I will make her secure!

(I resided …)

Novel mousse of cheese and salmon


To search novel and delightful recipes to surprise your dear beings is not a simple task. Nowadays we all walk to the bullfights and the true thing is that we do not want to go so far as to house to complicate ourselves with the dinner: truth? So, in this occasion we bring to you an elegant, simple and very rich plate: mousse of cheese and salmon.

(I resided …)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cookies of double chocolate


This way only for your children, why do they come from the school with friends or because you want to organize a rich snack, these cookies of double black chocolate will be the perdition of the whole family. They are very simple of preparing and you can save them in a bottle always to have them at the time of the whim.

(I resided …)

Piquant soup of tomatoes and lentils


The soups again take the leading role in ElGranChef. This time we go with a piquant soup of tomatoes and lentils. If you like the strong flavors you will not have to get lost this plate. Without doubts, a good dose of energy eralmente delightful.

(I resided …)

Another recipe of home-made Creme caramel to the microwave

The instantaneous desserts can extract us of a trouble, or do the most lively kitchen. Nevertheless, there are no the same … they do not know the same. An instantaneous creme caramel is never so rich as a home-made creme caramel. And it might name other desserts, nevertheless, I want to speak to them about the creme caramel.

(I resided …)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Spanish omelette: the secret


How does it they go to with the Spanish omelette? Have they left tasty and nice? If it is like that: what he envies! I usually remain tasty, but not necessary nice. That's why I want to share this video with you. If they suffer of the same evil that I (the omelette collapses them), they will learn step along step, detail for detail, to obtain the Spanish nicest of the omelettes. And do they know what the secret is? Easy …: Very much egg!

(I resided …)

Hamburger of tenderloin and turkey


Do you like the turkey? I love, but something very curious happens to me with him: not it as very often. Basically I forget that it exists, do not remember it. I think about the red meat, the meat of chicken and even about the fish. But to the turkey … I forget it.

(I resided …)

Home-made creme caramel to the microwave


The instantaneous desserts can extract us of a trouble, or do the most lively kitchen. Nevertheless, there are no the same … they do not know the same. An instantaneous creme caramel is never so rich as a home-made creme caramel. And it might name other desserts, nevertheless, I want to speak to them about the creme caramel.

(I resided …)