Sunday, January 31, 2010

Salmon filets with asparagus and a special sauce


For some occasions the milanesa with French fries is well. Nevertheless, in other opportunities we look for a more complex recipe and with more style. A plate that it surprises. If this is the occasion nothing better than to prepare some f iletes of salmon with asparagus and sauce of wild parsley and henna. Do not lose hope. It is not complicated and you can learn how to cook this plate next.

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Stuffed eggs of pasta of anchovies


Probably at the time of receiving visits at home let's realize well what we will cook of main course. Nevertheless, we have always left the aperitif without defining (or what is worse, we end up by obviating it). That's why I recommend to you not to doubt it and to prepare these stuffed eggs of pasta of anchovies.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spectacular warm chocolate espresso


If you like the coffee this warm chocolate espresso will turn out to be perfect to you. It does not import if it is to enjoy friends, to take at the time of the snack or to share with your family during the Christmas breakfast. They all are valid excuses to prepare it. I make sure you that you will love.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Simple cookies for sin


This way be alone for your children, why they come from the school with friends or because you want to organize a rich snack, these cookies with entertaining forms are very simple of realizing and very rich. Perfect always to have to hand in the kitchen or in the rucksack of your sin.

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Delightful colors pasta with sauce of Bologna and eggplant


It does not import if you are tired, with a little time or simply you want to eat something rich and light … Any of them is a perfect excuse to prepare a delightful plate of pasta of colors with sauce of Bologna and eggplant as we teach you today.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ginger cookies for the holidays


It does not import if you are going to join with friends, if your children bring compañeritos to house, or simply you want to delight your family with a sweet morsel in these holidays. The cookies of ginger that we teach you to prepare are very simple and they all will adore them.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cake of pears, bilberries and oats


From are you already gathering ideas to cook for the Christmas? I propose the following thing to you: to prepare a cake of pears, bilberries and oats. It is a perfect dessert for these holidays that will touch all your family. Accompany it on cream ice cream. It will be the maximum thing!

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Christmas mussels to the cream


We all know that the mussels are a classic plate in any part of the world and that's why, there are a perfect option to bear in mind in the holidays that they come closer. To go out little traditional meats today we tell you how to realize a few delightful mussels to the cream.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One meter in New York …: replete with apples!


The urban interventions every time are more fashionable and today I present to them one that has to do with the feeding (more specially with the waste of the meal). City Harvest Food Rescue Organization is a North American institution dedicated to feeding to a big neoyorkinos quantity. His work consists of gathering the excess of meal of restaurants, stores, snack bars, etc. This meal is donated to a big quantity of programs of feeding of the city.

City full Harvest one meter of the city of New York with hundreds of thousands of apples. The target was that the people were bearing in mind the quantity of meal that is wasted every day. Do see it next (probably never see so many together apples in your life!).

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How to do cookies home-loving Óreo


The cookies Óreo not only are some of the cookies most known in the whole world but also they are one of the most tantalizing. Insurance that the sabés for proper experience! The best thing of everything is to know that there exists a recipe that will allow us to do them we. Do you want to know how to make cookies Óreo home-made? Keep on reading next!

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Delightful covered filets of fish of Parmesan


The fish is one of the most healthy food and therefore we cannot exclude it from our diet. Nothing better than to integrate it in most delightful ways how, for example, preparing a few covered filets of Parmesan accompanied by roast tomatoes.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Chicken Milanesas with rúcula salad


Does exist anybody who does not like the milanesas? I am sure that not. Big and small they adore them and undoubtedly there are a delightful way of simplifying both the dinner and the lunch of any day of the week. Today, a very simple and rich recipe, milanesa of chicken with rúcula salad.

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Simple crown of celery and cheese


To all raisin that every so much we have one day so complicated that, on having come to house, we want only to eat something and to go to bed, to sleep … Since, these days let's avoid or to ask for meal to any place or to choose not to have dinner. Cheer up with this simple crown of celery and cheese.

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Ice cream of sweet corn


If you are a lover of the ice creams (as it is my case) you will be to the search of new flavors. For our luck the alternatives at the time of enjoying of them frozen are immense …: and at the time of preparing them also! This time presented it to you r eceta of ice cream of sweet corn. Safety pin!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recipe of sauce of kiwi


Probably you sorpenda and even be able to go so far as to doubt the flavor of this sauce of kiwi. Nevertheless, the flavors miscellany combines perfectly, giving like turned out a light and refreshing preparation. It is a really rapid and simple option at the time of preparing an original snack. Quarrels how to prepare it.

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Rich toasts of grilled chicken


For this side of the world the heat has come, and however much the rains say present to a few days that goes out the sun, the true thing is that time of light meals and meetings with friends. The next time that you think of inviting your dear beings delight them with these rich and simple toasts of grilled chicken. They will spend it brilliantly along with this wonderful and familiar plate.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Simple attacked of chicken with asparagus and mushrooms


The year is already ending and the true thing is that nobody wants to be complicated already. We all are thinking about the holidays, of joining with friends, of taking a vacation … And exactly that's why, do not want that you complicate yourself in the kitchen. It prepares this one rich and simple attacked of chicken with asparagus and mushrooms.

(I resided …)

Rapid chicken to the lemon with olives


You have remained a few olives of this rich sting that you armed with friends? Do not get rid of them. Them add this delightful and really easy and rapid chicken to the lemon with olives. I make sure you that this recipe will turn into your menu joker of so simple that it is.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Novel chicken to the green curry


Tired of eating every holy day the same? So, gentlemen, nobody forces them. If, we know that in the times that run it is difficult to do the time to him to eat slightly novel but this chicken to the green curry performs the most exotic thing and for especially, simple.

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Stuffed chicken breasts with cheese, tomato and basil


It is very common that appellants turn the red meats much in our diet, but that should change. To change occasionally, the chicken is the ideal ingredient. Tasty and light it allows us a wide recipes variety, how are you stuffed chicken breasts with really delightful cheese, tomato and basil.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sweet custard with floating islands


So much for the Christmas as to dismiss the year, a good dessert must never be missing to give brooch to the important dinner in family. This custard with floating islands not only is very simple to realize but they are delightful and it will leave the family asking more.

(I resided …)

Apples with caramel and English cream


The year ends and one has loading with very much weariness. Certainly, the holidays have the pretty thing of celebrating and meeting those that one more wants but the true thing is that, with regard to the kitchen, it is great what it is necessary to do. But do not worry, with these simple apples with caramel and English cream you will stay like a king concerning a momentito.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Original cremates of Jewish women the pesto


Are you still to prepare the simple one and without grace soup of vegetables as that of every day? Skylight that not. Leave the carrots and put to the test realizing this original Jewish women cream to the pesto. dare to try on new things as this wonderful soup.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Celery morsels with cheese and nuts


To sting in a meeting with friends, like aperitifs for a holiday, like inlet of the dinner, as to have lunch in the work … thousands Are the ways of eating these rapids of preparing and very easy to transport celery morsels with cheese and nuts. Home-made, rich and balanced. For what more is it possible to ask?

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Reuben prescribes of sándwich


The sándwich Reuben is made grilled and his principal ingredients are the corned beef, the sauerkraut and the Swiss cheese. Generally it makes use with rye bread. It seems to be an interesting combination: truth? If you have not proved it you do not have any more that to read this recipe and to prepare it at home. An accessible super preparation for all!

(I resided …)

Recipe of greek tilapia, sent by Pedro


If of curious recipes it talks each other, which today Pedro shares with us performs the most interesting thing. He invites us to prepare an exotic recipe of the Greek kitchen, known as “Greek Tilapia“. And we propose to you to touch you with this delight next (and do not forget that you also can share your favorite recipes clicking here).

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Condensed milk coconut sweet


If we speak about sweet morsels we should never leave aside this condensed milk coconut sweet. I make sure you that it will do the delights of your family at all times. The making process is extremely simple. Simply you have to keep on reading next to verify it. Mmm!

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How to prepare grilled artichokes


If you want to nourish yourself with all the properties of the artichoke at the same time that you enjoy a spectacular meal try to cook them grilled. It will be a really economic plate that will serve to you like an excellent accompaniment.

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Creamy oregano Dip


If you want to receive to your visits with a really healthy aperitif do try with this creamy oregano dip. There is perfect to accompany bread sticks of carrot, tomatoes cherry, pieces of celery and all the vegetables that you like (especially thought for the vegetarians!).

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sauce of oranges and bilberries


Cheer up and be useful to combine all the flavor of the oranges and of the bilberries. The result in this case will be a really special sauce. Without waste! To know how to prepare this sauce of oranges and bilberries simply you must keep on reading next.

(I resided …)

Red fruits with tequila cream


Does not it occur to you what spectacular dessert to prepare for this weekend? I recommend to you extensively to prove these red fruits with tequila cream. A simple super dessert and that will give him very much style to your table. Without waste.

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Red fruits with tequila cream


Does not it occur to you what spectacular dessert to prepare for this weekend? I recommend to you extensively to prove these red fruits with tequila cream. A simple super dessert and that will give him very much style to your table. Without waste.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Original watermelon marinade with radishes


In this opportunity I present a fresh super recipe to you for the summer: watermelon marinade with radishes. If you want to make use of the summer fruits do prepare this original recipe. They all will want to prove it!

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Original watermelon marinade with radishes


In this opportunity I present a fresh super recipe to you for the summer: watermelon marinade with radishes. If you want to make use of the summer fruits do prepare this original recipe. They all will want to prove it!

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Raw ham or bondiola very easy to do, sent for Jorge


What we bring today to share has no waste. Jorge Grossi teaches us a recipe of the most peculiar thing: it shows us how to prepare a delightful raw ham, a bondiola, or another chacinado of a simplest way. Only in spite of thinking that I can already prepare a raw ham does water to me the mouth. And I suppose that also, so we do not wait any more and we are going to prepare it for you!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Onion Fainá


If they like the fainá and they like the onion, already they are made: this recipe is going to fascinate them. After all, of that it talks each other: fainá of onion. A delight, extremely pleasant and simple to prepare.

(I resided …)

Nutmeg or mace


The nutmeg is a wonderful spice. So much this way, that our attention deserves. It is the fruit of the trees perennifolios of the genre Myristica, of the family of the Myristicaceae. It comes from the Islands of the Spices (today called the Molucca Islands in Indonesia).

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stuffed Fainá of ham and cheese


The fainá is the inseparable partner of the pizza. At least in Uruguay and Argentina. There the fainá accompanies himself on pizza and the pizza is accompanied with fainá. Now well … for more partner who is, the fainá also can eat up only. And today we want to leave a recipe to them to demonstrate it.

(I resided …)

Light salad of zuchini and chicken


If you are thinking of beginning to look after a little more it is a time to change the diet. Everything what you eat affects your organism, and to base your diet on healthy and fresh food is undoubtedly of big help. That's why, today we tell you how to prepare this light salad of zuchini and chicken.

(I resided …)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Leeks cream to the orange


Like that be to begin a finished menu or like main course, the soups are brilliant to enjoy of the summer. We can prepare them of all the tastes and serve in any season. Add them to your daily recipes, and to begin today we tell you how to prepare this one of leeks to the orange.

(I resided …)

Chicken fried to the rosemary


If, we all know that the fryings are not the healthiest and healthy plates but the true thing is that they are muuuuuy rich. Clear that we are not going to eat them every day, but to be a pleasure for us occasionally also is a part of living. That's why, today we tell you how to prepare this delightful chicken fried to the rosemary.

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Nice relative to the Basque


We all know that every Sunday are the excellent familiar day: truth? And the fact is that it is the day in the majority it does not have to work, nobody has to get up early, and also it is the perfect brooch to reach the week. So, to share along with your dear beings the fact is that today we tell you how to realize this one nice to the Basque.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fetuccine with chicken and creamy sauce of pesto


As I always say, one of the big advantages of the pasta is that it is really versatile. Always to have a noodles bundle at home will extract you of a trouble so much when the entire family comes as when the boys bring friends to be eaten. Today we prepare a few simple fettuccine with chicken and creamy sauce of pesto.

(I resided …)

Recipe of butter of peanut


The butter or fat of peanut (or of peanuts) is an elaborated or sweetened pasta of toasted and ground peanuts, generally well salty. The peanut butter is truly popular in the United States as well as in other countries. Do you want to prepare it at home? The recipe is within reach of your hand! Here we present to you how to do it.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Crab salad for the summer


This salad is perfect for the summer or for any warm day. It is based on a spectacular miscellany of pasta and vegetables, between which green peppers, chives and tomatoes are. The seasoning is a combination of mayonnaise, cheese parmensano and Italian cream. To enjoy this plate itself!

(I resided …)

Light grouper rollitos with spinach

If the heat has you oppressed, to eat of more or a good idea will not be very heavy plates, they will only do that you feel worse than already this. But that does not mean that you should remain without eating. It tries with these delightful, healthy and really light grouper rollitos with spinach.

(I resided …)

Vetches Fainá


What more I like of the kitchen, is to invent recipes. Lately I have taken a fancy to the fainá. How many recipes can we invent with this base ingredient? Here in ElGranchef we have already shared several recipes: faina of cheese, faina of clog … But that is not quite, I refuse to end for here.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sweet ham


It is time to mix flavors. It is necessary to combine the sweet thing and the salty thing. Whole … nothing brakes us. We believe, let's break the molds. Let's be innovative and let's surprise the palate. What seems to them?

(I resided …)

Spongy fairy cakes of red fruits


The confectionery is one of my big weaknesses. Perhaps someone might resist to these spongy fairy cakes of red fruits? They are extremely advisable for the hour of the snack and the best thing of everything is that from now on you also can cook them at home. I am sure that to Julienne he will love, after everything we pass exchanging recipes as delightful as this one. Me pay attention: do prepare them!

(I resided …)

Salad of lettuce and escarole with seeds of grenade and hazelnuts


If you want to give him a special touch to your salad of every day do try with the seeds of grenade and the hazelnuts. In this case we will prepare a salad of lettuce and escarole. An extremely light meal. Without doubts, a perfect excuse to cook a plate really delcioso.

(I resided …)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Well-worn fresh air of handle and tangerine


It leaves aside the tipsy tails and chooses for a more healthy option: a fruit batter. In this case we will prepare a batter of handle and tangerine. A refreshing and nourishing super drink that will help you to support your figure.

(I resided …)