Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cheese Fainá

Of fainá the man does not live and it is a pity. At least for me, because I love. Although also I like other things, certainly. Nevertheless, the fainá is between my favorite recipes. It is simple, delightful and many-sided.

It is more! I tend to think that the poor person fainá is underestimated. It is not used very much, there are no many variants, you nor prescribe. Nevertheless, it lends to much. I like to create recipes with him, to add flavors, vegetables, meat … what should be.

Today I want to share a typical recipe. One of the common variants of fainá. Further on I will be more daring and I will share my inventions. But for the time being let's delight our mouth with a cheese fainá.

(I resided …)

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