Friday, December 18, 2009

Wasbi or not wasabi: real and of lie


The wasabi is a plant and a Japanese seasoning. The plant is the ingredients and his seasoning, the final product. This seasoning is known extensively, thanks to the internationalization of the Asian meal. Do you meet him?

If they have proved it, they will know the following thing: his force does not reside so much in the itch, but in the steams that are transmitted along the nostrils and produce an ardor sensation. This sensation is very brief, it does not last a lot of time as on having eaten chilis and hence, it is very satisfactory.

In the Japanese meal it is used in many plates. Especially in the sushi, the sashimi or some types of donburi. But also it is possible to consume in other forms. In Japan, for example, it is possible to find in the shape of sprouts and to incorporate it into salads, stews, etc. Y also aperitifs exist with flavor to wasabi.

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